The vineyards are in open countryside perched on the crest of a hill 490 meters above sea level.

Not surprisingly, the area is called “Toppolocozzetto”, which means near the top.

Not far away are the mountains of Terminio-Tuoro that provides the frame. A tributary stream of the Calore provides the background music.

The soil is sandy loam with some limestone, which is combined with volcanic elements, sandstone and shale.

The climatic conditions vary distinctly from one season to another, with extreme temperature changes.

The rainfall is low.

In general, the winter weather is harsh and it often snows.

In summer the climate is very mild.

Temperature, rainfall and wind conditions in the area are almost ideal for a gradual maturation process and a balance between sugar and acidity, allowing fine wine production.

This favorable situation is clearly due to the geographical location and mountains in the territory.

The slower pace of maturation means the harvest is very late, normally in late November, thus obtaining grapes that are richer in extracts, alcohol, tannins and acidity.